The only thing we have to fear is…ourselves.


Today, a compassionate person offered a post online about how she didn’t mind immigrants being in our country, how she believed most people from those other countries worked hard, wanted better for their families, contributed to our economy and taxes. This is a person who believes in the reason why many of those folks came here—why, indeed, many of our ancestors came here—to work, to work the land, perhaps for religious freedom. I won’t discuss here about the karmic implications of one people taking another person’s land—or a government doing it, either (although I plan to discuss one day)…what I want to talk about is so-called spiritual people who think something is being taken from them by immigrants and that these so-called spiritual people continue toact mean-spirited and un-Christian while claiming to be the epitome of “spiritual” or “godly.” I think a lot of us are sick of the hypocrisy of the evangelicals who voted for Trump and little people like Jeff Sessions who gleefully and evilly smile as they quote the Bible selectively to justify being un-Christian to others. Most millennials see this, and thank God we are leaving the world to them, because I do believe they will set everything straight. I’m just sorry they’ll have to.
At any rate, another so-called “spiritual person,” after I re-posted the original compassionate post, wrote back to me, “You are sadly misled and misinformed.” I guess she didn’t have the guts to say what she was implying, that she is a cold-hearted human being—and certainly not a spiritual person. Those that know better should do better.
Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog is to start to combine the topics of metaphysics and politics, because I think one needs the other. There are some really great folks out there posting, like John Pavlovitz, Christians who are really seeking to understand this alternate universe in which we have found ourselves. I myself will sometimes use spiritual justification and karma to come to grips with why things seem to be getting worse, why some pretty awful human beings have hijacked the southern climes of North America. What I don’t understand is how we can’t agree that these people are awful. This is cognitive dissonance at its worst.

Our so-called “best friends” are showing their ugly secret sides, and we are dismayed. We all have family members that shame us sometimes with their opinions at family get-togethers, and actually, I admit that I am one of the ones in my family of whom THEY are ashamed. (Hee hee!)
I say to myself, “Okay, we had to have these horrible people get in power for Dems to finally DO something, to say something, to rise up, to get the damn Dems to VOTE. Jesus! Yes, please, Jesus! Is this what it takes? My God, people! I know I’m taking the Lord’s name in vain, but PLEASE!!! You had to let THIS shit happen to get people off their asses??? And the white people too…I mean, yeah, I get it. Many white folks have no idea they are privileged, because they think, “I’m poor. I’ve always worked hard. I couldn’t get a job.” They just don’t get it and won’t get it…or maybe they will, depending on their last name, gender identity, religion…let’s see, what else will we choose to discriminate over? There is nothing like personal injustice or family tragedy to create new activists.
But back to my original topic…there is so much, that it’s hard to stay on track…
I once had a client who complained that her son, in Florida, couldn’t get a job mowing lawns because of those darn Mexicans coming in to undercut him. But the truth is….okay, in our supposedly capitalistic country (which is really capitalist/democratic socialist), if someone has a better or cheaper product, they win. Isn’t that the way capitalism works? The market is the great equalizer? The market lowers the price, supposedly, although in my lifetime, my wages barely went up, and the prices of everything else has gone sky high and has never come down. So, obviously, capitalism doesn’t work, because I worked hard, busted my ass, was always a motivated, industrious worker—not a slacker, and yet my industriousness never did much for me, monetarily. I had to change careers and basically start working for myself to get security and a pay increase. Yup, sometimes, you have to change paths, if doing more doesn’t work. Find another way.
Anyway, this lady’s son would not drop his prices, so I asked her, well, how about add some value to what he offers? Do a little more? Be a little neater than the competition? I know that’s important to folks like my mom who says yard workers don’t make things neat anymore. In other words, what did he do to compete? That’s capitalism too, isn’t it? Isn’t that supposed to work? Offer something better and you’ll get the contract?
No, he didn’t do that. He just started losing jobs, and he gave up and started playing the blame game. Blaming is only YOU MAKING AN EXCUSE FOR WHAT YOU DIDN’T DO. He didn’t want to make an effort. Now, if she had said, he dropped his price, advertised, added an extra benefit to his clients, dressed nicely, cleaned up, was polite, went the extra mile, and then STILL lost out, that’s another story. But she said he just quit and started complaining. And also, he just wanted to blame one nationality. I really can’t stand false argument, one of those being generalization. Not every lawn-mowing business in Florida was run by Mexicans, just as not all Mexicans are rapists, Mr. Trump. God, do I have to say this? Wow.
Anyway, what it gets down to is that some people are looking to blame others for their own lacks. The truth is, do what YOU do. Worry about YOU, not them. Get to work. Add value to your work. Keep trying. Do something different. Do what you have to do.
I have another acquaintance who complained he couldn’t get a job. HE blamed “the blacks.” (Does not compute.) He was going to kill himself, because he had just bought a house and couldn’t find a job. Some folks around him jumped into action and offered him all kinds of jobs and help, because he was a veteran. I suggested other solutions, like sell the house, work for himself, teach. He turned ALL those job offers down, because they weren’t “what he wanted,” “not good enough.” If that isn’t a privileged response, I don’t know what is! Yeah, and he blamed POC. I wanted to say, “I guess you’ve never really been poor, huh? ‘Cause if you had, you’d take one of those jobs.” Please. And he was going to end it all, supposedly, because he couldn’t get a job. Please. Do you think our Depression Era parents who had nothing would do that? Do you think many POC would say no to a job that PAID like that? They couldn’t afford to. These were people with nothing to eat, nothing to provide for their families. I think that’s why people are crossing the border: they have nothing to lose, everything to gain if they can only work and get somewhere safe so they can bring up their families, work, and educate their kids. That’s all people really want. Basic human needs. Maslow’s pyramid. Food, shelter, water, a job, family, love.
So, any so-called spiritual person who is oh-so-ready to blame a whole continent full of people of a different race, nationality or religion for THEIR troubles, fear, and insecurity, well, I think they need to do a little more meditatin’, maybe do a couple more past life regressions to figure out how they burned people in a past life before they judge these folks now, just trying to do better. You have to ask yourself, where is the fear in YOU that you are so afraid and insecure that you have to blame immigrants(or POC) for YOUR problems?
Metaphysics says, what you are afraid of, you have in yourself. Remember that kiddie rhyme, “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you?” Well, it really goes like this: “You’re rubber, and I’m glue, what I say about you is really about me, so it sticks to ME, and not to you.” So, to Miss So-called Spiritual person who thinks I am misled led and misinformed: back at ya! In addition, ask yourself what YOU have done that would make YOU mistrust these hard-working, hopeful people? Because you are only speaking from your personal experience, not theirs. In other words, you are shown YOURSELF in others.
Thus said, the compassionate lady, the one who wrote the original kind post, you’re the one I want to be friends with, because you are kind and compassionate, and that speaks of YOU. That you trust others speaks of YOU.
The other, who feels wronged somehow, well, I am not sure what you’ve done in your life to make you dislike others (who, after all, in metaphysical terms, are YOU meeting yourself). I hope you find your way. I hope one day you can look at others and see kindness, not people stealing from you. What you think of others says everything about who YOU are. Good luck.

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