Thinking Outside the Box…


Seems like we all have put on our boxing gloves.  Before, we were at the fight and watching, and only a few were in the battle.  Some were fighting themselves.  Some have been fighting imaginary foes—or fantasms that they themselves created.  Some were fighting puppy dogs dressed up to look like dragons.  Some didn’t even look; don’t like the sport of politics.

Now we’re all there, seems like, in the fray.  Seems like we all have chosen our corners, our sides, and we’ve put on the gloves, and we are ready to swing.  Sometimes, our opponent is/was our friend, our parent, even our spouse.  This is a sad state of affairs that we have come to this.  My mother says, “Why can’t we just talk it over and negotiate?” But even she knows it’s not as easy as all that now.  Even she hangs up on me, the only person here for her.  Crazy.

Many folks drew the line in the sand sometime between 11/9 and today, cutting out Facebook friends, refusing to talk to those in the opposition.  There’s a local congressman who wouldn’t have his picture taken with me because I was on the opposite side.  He’s the brother of a good friend of mine.  This man arrived after my dad passed to take his body away.  But he won’t have his picture taken with me, because I am of another color, blue.  Yep, I’m blue, all right.  And the other side is red, all right.  They’re seeing red and showin’ it.  They’re bathing in it, sometimes, I think.  Someone I know ran for a local office in her county, and she used the color purple to signify coming together.  But no one there—or here—is ready yet. “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it,” said Alice Walker in the book, The Color Purple.  Nope, people aren’t ready to see that yet.

One reason I wanted to write this blog is because I believe in metaphysical laws; I believe in karma and reincarnation; I believe in the soul perfecting itself until it goes on to be with God, the universe.  I want to bring metaphysics into politics, because I think if we used some of the basic laws of metaphysics in our lives: like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Reflection, the Laws of Love—that we could all change our perspectives and change the world.  I look around at spiritual people who at least claim to know better—they talk a good talk on Saturdays and Sundays anyhow, and what I see is that they know the laws, but they are having more fun being mean and greedy.  They are having more fun puffing up their egos to claim themselves as patriots.  The joke is so on them, because when the time comes to die, all that petty stuff like money and flags and property won’t mean a thing.  What really means a thing is kindness, helping people have good homes, healthy lives, opportunities for jobs that pay a living wage, so they can lead decent lives, etc.  The life story of humanity is not about, “I got mine!”  In fact, it’s not even about whether someone is working hard enough to deserve something.  That’s between you and your maker when the time comes.  Karma balances all, so don’t worry about who gets what.  Let the immigrants come and try to make a living.  They’re doing all the work white America doesn’t want to do, anyway.

Besides, in God’s eyes, there is no border.  In God’s eyes, no one is better or worse than another.  Mother Earth doesn’t know boundaries.  We, humans, put a boundary there.  We, humans, put a fence there to say, “I belong; you don’t.”  And guess what? In God’s eyes, that’s a fallacy, even a joke. (Not funny)  I once had what they call a near death experience.  In the blink of an eye, my life flashed before my eyes, simultaneous visions of the events of my life.  As I viewed anyone who I had ever wronged, ever called a name, ever made fun of, I felt that other person’s pain, and that pain was excruciating.  I dread going through that again, but I will, when the time comes. We experience that, so we can learn what we have done to others is what we do to ourselves.  You know the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Because you will feel what you’ve done to others, and that feeling won’t be pretty, UNLESS you make sure, every day, that it is so.

You know, I never knew until I took a government class in college as an adult what the REAL differences between Republicans and Democrats were.  I just always thought that the Republicans were always trying to make rules to control my life, and the Dems were “live and let live” people.  You can guess which side I chose.  That story out there that some people hate freedom is a lie.  I never met a person from Russia or China or the Middle East, anywhere dictators have reigned (and I have met plenty) who didn’t love freedom and know that in their home countries, they were being denied it.  That Muslims or Middle Easterners of any kind hate freedom is a lie.  Everybody wants to do what they want to do.  I never met anyone yet who just loved being imprisoned by a parent, job, or mate, or anyone from those countries like Russia and China where they are constantly surveilled and followed around and thought-policed—who didn’t want and love freedom.  Even those of us who have been tricked into subservience by partners or religious leaders eventually seek to flee those bonds.  The oppression is too great.  I weep for the North Koreans, the Russians, and the Chinese, and others living under totalitarian or other fascist regimes.  We aren’t far from it.  Those who experienced or have studied the Holocaust know that the way it happened was by those who just let the tide of hate and so-called patriotism seep into the very fabric of their lives, pretending that that it was normal and right and justified.  But it’s not.  It’s not right; it’s not normal, and it’s not justified.

If Republicans were really concerned about smaller government, they wouldn’t be telling me I don’t have control over my body or who I can or can’t marry or keeping me from buying pot for my arthritis.  Think of all the laws they have been trying to pass to block people from freedoms.  I am not crazy about taxes myself, but if I have to pay them, I want them to help the elderly like my mom and the disabled and the poor, maybe because I may end up that way too.  All those social programs helped our Depression Era parents to survive. All those people against socialism, or democratic socialism, are blatantly ignoring that WE ALREADY HAVE IT.  We already have public schools and programs to provide roads and police and fire departments.  We already have social security and Medicare and Medicaid which have helped our parents.  We have paid for it.  Yeah, so we ARE entitled to it.  And I’m okay with sharing!  Why?  It helps people!  It helped my grandparents, and it’s helped my parents. Ever been in a country that doesn’t charge taxes?  I have.  It looked like a war zone.  It wasn’t, but all over the cities were unfinished government and office buildings and roads, et al, because there was no money to pay for any of it. There were no taxes. (Well, one reason) Not a pretty sight. I am going to say this also: what’s wrong with having a country that is part capitalist and part democratic socialist?  What’s wrong with that? Nothing!  One is supportive of the other, and we already have it, by the way.  That deficit you’re screaming about (at this screen)—how about reducing some of the bullshit—pork these jokers in Congress have added to help themselves?  We could be more frugal, but nobody, Republicans included, wants to be.  That side just proved as much when they upped the deficit this year by trillions of dollars.  When George Will and Bill Kristol start criticizing their own party, well, you know something is really crazy.  I have respected some of those more thought-provoking Republicans, even if I didn’t always agree with them.  When they too are in dismay, we are in bad shape.  You don’t hear them talking about how Michelle Obama is a man and that Jimmy Carter has lizard eyes and forwarding QAnon bullshit.  I didn’t even see them forward Pizzagate stories, although I know a few of my Bernie-loving friends who did.  Lord, help us.

The metaphysical take on the parties:  Republicans are afraid that someone else is going to get their stuff, especially f they think someone is not working as hard as they should be or if that someone is from another country or has a different color skin.  This is fear-based thinking, but Democrats need to recognize that their anger over money has everything to do with their fear that the universe is not an abundant one.  Democrats want to take the money from others and make those others share it, even if they don’t want to.  That comes from a fear that we can’t do it ourselves.  No wonder the Repubs are pissed.  That would be like studying to get straight A’s all semester, and then you get to grade time, and the teacher says, “I’m giving Joe, the class slacker, part of your grade so he can pass, so you’ll only get C’s,” and you know damn well that Joe didn’t do anything but sleep all semester.  Don’t the Republicans have a point?  They do!

If we all know deep within ourselves that the universe is an abundant place, then we don’t have to worry that this one or that one is going to A) take something away from us or B) put the country in debt.  I used to live in fear of poverty—what metaphysicians call “living in poverty-consciousness.  Some will say this comes from other lifetimes of having been poor or taking a vow of poverty, and I really don’t know or care whether I was that way in the past or not.  I know people who grew up in ghettoes and slums who have wonderful memories of those times, because they were rich in spirit.  Most people just don’t know that our attitudes about money shape our reality, and that those attitudes are just as fantastic and chimera-like as our fears that “I’m not gonna get mine” or that “everybody is out to get me.”  No.  Not everybody.  Maybe no one is.

Money is an imagining.  It is something we made up and only has the value it does because we give it that value.  Otherwise, it’s just a piece of paper.  The Euros bought Manhattan for BEADS.  Aliens would look at our dollar bills and maybe even our gold as useless.  Ghosts have no use for it. 😊 This is how I changed my consciousness about money.  My dad brought it to my attention.  We were at a hotel, and he was looking out the window at all the cars, restaurants and people, and he wondered where they all got the money to be out spending like there was no tomorrow.  We have those other fake money things called credit cards. They are pieces of plastic, people.  I could melt mine if I put it on the hood of my car on a hot Oklahoma summer day.   It’s a lump of plastic.  Don’t even get me started on bitcoin. Anyway, my dad had the right idea but was looking at it in the wrong way.  Look at all the houses, the stores, the online stores, the cities, the companies, the cars, everything—the world is rich and abundant beyond imagining.  If it weren’t, we wouldn’t see all this. But the thing that really convinced me was looking outside in my yard and seeing the birds, the squirrels, the insects, the trees.  They never wonder where their next meal will come from.  They just know and have faith that it is there.  We all, Dems & Repubs, need to know and have faith that abundance and prosperity–those things that we fight over all the time—are there for us.  We need have no fear.  I have no fear—about that.  There is no need to feel poor or poverty-stricken when you can create prosperity, and if you change your outlook, you can.  Some folks have giant prosperity consciousness (I guess DT has that), and some have smaller ideas about it (me)(because I don’t need or want much).  But what if you could just drop the fear that someone was going to take something from you—or drop the fear that you can’t do it yourself and that you need help? (I meet women every day who feel like this; they have been conditioned to it.)

I know the kind of responses I will get to some of these statements. Go ‘head.  And anyway, the point I am trying to make is this: that we divide ourselves for absolutely no reason over these issues of money when, if we changed our perspectives, we would never be poor or fearful again, so we would not need to divide ourselves along political lines—or any other lines, because we could no longer use that as a crutch.  We could no longer use it to blame people.  We could no longer use it to foment jealousy, envy, or hate, because we could change our lives immediately by changing our minds.  And since that part is on US, and not on anyone else, then there is no longer anyone to blame but ourselves.  Republicans should like that, if they are true to the original idea of smaller government and self-responsibility.

What I want is for us to realize that we are being stupid and that we don’t need boxing gloves.  We don’t need to fight.  We need to stop pretending one of us is better than the other or more patriotic than the other or more right than another.  Let’s put the gloves away, and start looking for the color purple.

#trumprussia #resist #thinklove

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