Ladies of Liberty 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: AOC is a Libra Sun with an applying Mars in the 10th house—a go-getter for justice—the scales. She knows how to communicate, see both sides, and debate. In addition, she started a publishing firm, and astrologers know that Libra can be associated with that industry, so no surprise. Her goal was to publish positive images about the Bronx. AOC is an activist as well as former campaign strategist for Bernie Sanders, and we know how well he did in the last election, gathering huge crowds that mainstream media would rarely show. (Jealousy? Fear?) However, young people are tech-savvy, so fans were still able to see what was going on, despite MSM and DNC efforts to shut Bernie out. (More on Bernie later!) AOC knows how to negotiate the new media world, and she loves it. This is evident by her Sagittarius rising, with Venus in 12th. Sag is a sign of the internet and other sharing media. (Think of Trump’s Moon in Sag and how he loves Twitter!) As AOC is ruled by Venus (Libra), her natal Venus shows her strength in social media behind the scenes (12th houses). She also has Mercury in Libra in the 9th house of belief systems, so obviously, her passion for balance and equality for all are topics she will naturally talk about. This Merc squares her focal point of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Capricorn. The Saturn/Neptune connection is famous for being a create-your-own-reality combo. In practical Capricorn, manifesting is a practice well and almost mystically accomplished—except that she’s a realist. People may see her as an idealist because of her Libran egalitarianism, but the Cap trio in her 1st house tells a different story. Uranus in Cap will create a disruption of the traditional, paternalistic society, and things thought to be common structures and organizations. AOC and others of her generation are here to upset old paradigms. This is AOC’s mission, soul-wise. She has paid her dues and knows how to work hard to get results. Her strongest flaw is her Arien Moon, opposing her Libra Merc, so she will have to watch her impulsive tongue. Her pain point is Chiron in Cancer, which are feelings and nurturing. This pain point (Chiron) conjoins Jupiter, so she will find new ways to heal others. Her partners must understand that she is everyone’s mother. Life purpose is given to the group, causes, the people, Aquarian in nature. She is very externally driven.
She currently has Jupiter running across her first house, which is what helped her gained attention, benefits and will keep her in the spotlight. If she had more experience and was of the proper age, she would be fortuitous in running for pres, but it’s just too early right now. However, there is a sudden opportunity that will show at the end of 2019. This opportunity will create a heavy burden but is nevertheless beneficial. She may not know what she’s doing, but she’s a natural, intuitive about what to do. I think she may throw her lot in again with Bernie, who is not destined to win this time, either. There is emotional disappointment for her at the election of 2020, but she has now “found the lane” for her life’s purpose, I hope she won’t give up at that time, despite the hurt. I think, because she has an Aries Moon, she will more than likely be mad, which reflects the Arien warrior spirit, and thus she’ll soldier on. In her early 50’s, she will have a resurgence, which will give her the time, experience, and passion to run for president—or at least be the head of some other endeavor which brings justice and fairness for all. Lady Liberty is coming.
Elizabeth Warren’s life purpose has to do with being a leader and learning how to be independent, something which she seems to have accomplished. An Okie in Massachusetts is a stranger in a strange land, although I’ll admit that Oklahoma, is a water state—Scorpionic, and OKC is a Cancerian city, incorporated on July 15. 1890, but Oklahoma has had its fair share of adventurers, such as Wiley Post, Astronauts Gordon Cooper and Tom Stafford, and writer Will Rogers. Crabs usually don’t like change, but EW is an unusual one: she has Uranus conjoining her Sun, creating constant upset. In Cancer folks, this usually denotes karma prying their crab’s claws off what they’d like to hold onto. This is how she described her home life (with her parents and 3 brothers): “on the ragged edge of the middle class” and “kind of hanging on at the edges by our fingernails”. EW has Venus in Cancer, too, so she is devoted to…not just loved ones, but principles as well, as these Cancerian planets fall in her 9th house of beliefs, institutions, teaching/learning. She originally taught children with disabilities, a very Cancerian career. She’s a Libra rising, which evokes her career in law and teaching. She also has Mars & Mercury in Gemini in her 8th house, so surely it’s probably not a good idea to argue with her, because she probably can argue in, out, and around a single question fifteen ways to Sunday. However, having these qualities in the 8th house, certainly a company or institution should want to have her on their side! Her Moon in Taurus in the same house can make her both emotionally stubborn yet practical. No fooling around with Mother Liz. Saturn in Virgo in the 11th makes her a useful, practical but no-nonsense friend, too. She’s ultimately a team player. She probably thinks work is fun, FYI. She has Neptune in the 12th, making her spiritual but still idealistic, intellectual and probably swept away by the WORD. (I don’t necessarily mean the Bible, FYI.) She’s all for knowledge, books, learning, etc.
EW has a major ending/new beginning taking place in her home area. She is changing her ways of communication—and this chart says, will gain new “brothers and sisters as well.” Here is an interesting note: she is going to change where she lives in December of 2020. So, it’s possible, she could be on a ticket with someone at the top. I really doubt that she is going to be the president, because Jupiter is not on her Ascendant or at her Midheaven, but she is clearly learning about money and partnerships. At that same time, partnerships will be very active. Therefore, there’s a possibility that she could be a candidate for vice president. EW, strong as she is, has buddy energy. She’s super-energetic and strong. Keep an eye on Liz. Imagine her in a Biden role. Can you?

Kamala Harris is a Libra, so as you can see, Libra is a strong influence in Dems, just as Capricorn is a strong influence in Repubs. Like AOC, she has an Aries Moon, so look out! Unlike AOC, Mercury is conjoined to her Sun, but in the differing sign of Scorpio. This woman knows how to hold her tongue when necessary, even if her temper has flared. She has a kite in her chart that is focused on her Aries Moon, so the emotion and idealism are what drive her, but with Mars in Leo in the 3rd house, she won’t take any shi*. She also has Uranus, Pluto, and Venus conjoined in the 4th house in Virgo. Her life purpose is communication in a large sense. Her pain point is a vulnerability that has come from difficult home circumstances. There seems to have been a critical household with a loved one missing from the home in childhood and this is what has informed her care for the vulnerable. Indeed, Kamala’s parents divorced when she was young, and she moved to Montreal with her mother. Even though Kamala was born in California of Jamaican American and Indian (East) American parents. Kamala went to college in the US, however, at Howard and then University of California, where she became a lawyer in 1990. She has been both the attorney general of California and a senator. The Uranus/Pluto energy in her household area speaks to the disruption of her parents and the separation from ”home.” The Uranian influence in her home base could also refer to the fact that she attended both the Baptist church and Hindu temple. There is an energy of straddling many cultures—Jamaican, Indian, American, black, French, Baptist, Hindu, and to make matters more interesting, her mother worked at a Jewish hospital. Kamala is the epitome of a “person of the world.” Her parents were very well educated, and I would guess from the intensity of the Virgoan influences in her chart and the fact that her parents were both professors, there probably was a strong influence on learning, analyzing, and loving education in the household. In addition, her maternal grandfather, with whom she was close, was an Indian diplomat. With Neptune in Scorpio, she is an intuitive leader with a polyglot influence and all over her chart. Despite the Gemini Rising charm and Libra Sun magnetism, she is a tough cookie.
The transits are not necessarily being kind to her, as Neptune transits her natal pain point, making her vulnerable in the career area. Is she not seeing something? We do have the opportunity to have faith instead of fog, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be discerning of what her weaknesses are. As far as I can see, she is already being attacked for the some of the things that happened when she was attorney general, and although I can see Dems might see that as negative, in some ways, that could help her with Republicans. On the positive side, at Election time, Jupiter will be trine her birth Jupiter in the earth signs (Taurus/Cap) , conjoining the Capricorn Pluto, which always intensifies or separates, and for her, this is in a money house. We know that presidents don’t make much money until AFTER they leave the White House usually, and this does show an influence on money and partner’s money, so who are her money partners? The DNC? Her hubby? Her supporters? There is a major ending, major new beginning here, so this is definitely something that changes her fortunes—the question is, will she then OWE money, or will she receive it? The Jupiter will be also trining her Uranus/Pluto/Venus in Virgo, so it’s possible she could have a move coming. She definitely makes an announcement on election day. Keep in mind that the North Node is returning to HER North Node position in Gemini on the Rising during all of 2020, so there could be a fated element to all of this. One of the reasons I think she is a strong candidate possibility is the money partnering going on in her chart. Anyone who watched Trump’s chart surely would have noticed that Jupiter was running through his money houses at his election, and the mission was about accomplishing new partners for money purposes. The difference is, his partnering for his own resources and using some of his own. Kamala’s money will be coming from powerful monied partners and corporations. This could potentially be a deficit for her, since many are against the use of corporate monies for election—one of HIllary’s problems. The populists like Bernie, AOC, and Beto are more people-funded, not corporatized. But Kamala will have the big bucks. Read that, traditional sources. She may NOT get the money out of politics. She has other strengths, but that will probably NOT be one of them.

Tulsi Gabbard is a triple Aries (Mars, Sun, Venus). No surprise that she is a military brat and military person, as Aries Sun & Mars often indicate a warrior. We don’t have a rising sign for her, so we have to go with solar chart information. Tulsi is mostly fire and air. She also has an Aries Mercury, so she may let her fire be known quite easily, and as we can see, many of the female candidates have this issue. They are not taking prisoners. In addition, Tulsi’s Moon is in Leo—and this gives of a past life leader as well—strong personality. Her life purpose is to be a lovable leader. She has Jupiter and Saturn in Libra which is a powerful manifesting indication. Have an entrepreneurial idea, then make it happen. Her Pluto opposes her Sun/Mars/Venus, which usually indicates a separation from someone who she loved deeply—or a parent (usually father) with high expectations. I would guess the latter is probably true, because her dad is a member of the Hawaiian senate. Tulsi is Hindu and Samoan-American, although her dad is Catholic (he is the Samonan), and her mom, from Indiana, is Hindu. Her father (and Tulsi herself) was a Republican who switched to Democrat in the 2000s. She served as a vice chair of the DNC until February 2016 and endorsed Bernie for pres. Tulsi was homeschooled, and there has been argument over whether her parents were part of an anti-gay cult, from which Tulsi has had to distance herself. Her dad was a politician, and Tulsi herself has been a national guardsman as well as a U.S. state Representative from Hawaii.
Many astrologers are giving Tulsi the thumbs-up, and I am assuming that is because transiting Jupiter will be on her solar midheaven by 2020, plus Venus in Aries will make her look attractive to some. She will definitely be very active during the summer of 2020, but I also show that public speaking will become painful for her at that time. I don’t know if that is because she says something that gets her in trouble. Every candidate has some unpleasant history, and there’s a lot to overcome in Tulsi’s case, in addition to the non-religious aspect (despite the cult-like school of her upbringing.) Tulsi claims to be spiritual and is technically Hindu. Notice how we run the gamut of diverse candidates this election season. I’m not sure if she’s just busy or mad at the election season, but there seems to be something she’s whispering about behind the scenes to loved ones. And guess what, guys? We have a Mars retrograde election, meaning that THINGS WON’T WORK RIGHT, so what’s new? Look for hanging chads, recounts, and all kind of bullshit, with tempers flaring in November.
What did Babe Ruth say? It ain’t over till it’s over.
To be truthful, I guessed wrong last election season, because I picked Hillary to win, and Cruz to oppose her because I just couldn’t believe that ANYONE would elect Cheetohead, knowing his history. I guess that’s the key. I knew something felt “off,” but I didn’t listen to my gut. This time I’m listening, and I think it’s Kamala and a guy. No matter what astrologers say, I don’t think it’s Tulsi. She’s a flipper with strange ideas (all that impulsive Aries stuff) and I don’t think it’s AOC—too early for her.

Kirsten Gillibrand is a Sagittarius, and so this is a good thing. Although we don’t have her birthtime, Kirsten has the Sun and Venus both in Sagittarius, and with Jupiter running through this sign in a prominent spot in her solar chart, she is looking very attractive, despite a difficult name to pronounce. Her Moon is in secretive Scorpio, along with her Neptune and Mercury, so the problem is, she may have some secrets that she may need to share, as she becomes more popular. Like many of the candidates, she has been a lawyer prior to becoming a politician. Her Mars in Libra may be indicative of this, close to her solar MidHeaven. Her parents were attorneys as well, and so far, the biggest secret I’ve found about her is that she used to be called Tina. Her life purpose (North Node) is Taurus, giving a life purpose connected to finance or mother earth, or, yes, government and bureaucracy (slow as an elephant). Truth be told, she is rejecting corporate PACs while taking money from Wall Street bigwigs. She, like Tulsi Gabbard, made a shift from conservative Democrats and an A-rating from the NRA to becoming more Progressive and earning currently an F-rating from them. She has a Uranus/ Pluto conjunction close to the midheaven, too, in compulsive, perfectionist Virgo. Because Virgo is mercurial and a multitasker, she may thrive on Uranian chaos, but Pluto will amplify these persnickety Virgoan behaviors—or completely remove them. Her Jupiter is in sunny Leo which does give a personality growing as a leader, with an entrepreneurial spirit. Kirsten’s pain point is in vulnerable Pisces, in a solar communication house, right next to a Piscean Saturn, which could be good, could be bad. However, Saturn usually gives an ability to control and tamp things down, but again, makes you wonder if she might have an Achilles’ heel somewhere. Mars at the Midheaven will certainly give her lots of energy, but since we know, Libra scales swing back and forth, will this give her staying power (a cardinal sign after all) or flexibility (air)? WE hope, both. I worry that this candidate might not have the grit to survive what we know will be a ruthless candidacy, and I wonder about her vulnerabilities. But she does have Scorpio Moon, Neptune, and Merc in her chart, which might give her a sting when we least expect it, so perhaps a secret skill with a spear may be just what she needs to survive.

Amy Klobuchar is the candidate that everyone has been saying is mean/tough, but let’s face it, she’s a Gemini. In fact, a triple Gemini—Sun, Moon, & Mercury in Gemini. Geminis are sliders; they know how to say what people want to hear, and usually, they like to be positive, so what’s her problem? This is a solar chart, so we don’t have a birth time for her, but let’s see what her purpose is—North Node in Virgo means service. But let’s keep in mind, Virgos are not known for tact, and they ARE known for being pick-pick-picky. Perhaps she knows what she wants and knows what she wants to project but is somehow missing the mark in her delivery. This usually indicates either a spiritual past life, possibly monastic, or perhaps an artistic or lazy past life, and now this lifetime is about nuts and bolts git-‘er-done service. Her pain point Chiron is in vulnerable Pisces, so she knows she’s subject to criticism and other attacks. She has a mutable T-square with an apex at her Sun/Moon, and Chiron and Pluto are on opposite ends of this. Pluto in Virgo will make her persnickety anyway, due to generational issues—after the hippies, before the millennials. (Many feel like they got screwed.) In Amy’s case, the Pluto/Moon/Sun square indicates parent problems. Either one or other of the parents was missing or had super-high expectations, which Amy could never quite attain. The Pluto/Moon configuration is often called in astrology the “Mother-devourer.” This is someone who we love but who is so rough, we know that if she “brought us in, she can take us out.” There are many conflicting emotions in this scenario, as you can imagine. The Sun/Pluto side shows a missing father or a father who made her a “Daddy’s girl,” (read “spoiled”) OR, again, the high expectations scenario. In this case, the person attains a height and then falls from grace, attains a height and then sometimes sabotages oneself in order never to reach Daddy’s lofty wishes. Since the Sun represents what we have to learn how to do: in this case, learn how to communicate, and where we come from, a life of communicating, I’d say Amy still has some “learnin’” to do in this regard, and unfortunately, she gets to do it on the “large stage.” Looking at Amy’s history, what we discover is that Amy’s parents divorced when she was 15, the age of intimacy, due to the fact that her father was an alcoholic who caused much suffering in the family. Although her parents have reconciled and are now friends, the event is known to have harmed the family—and I would assume, Amy. (Amy has one younger sister—I find this common among Geminis, who need “a buddy.”) Amy herself may have felt she had to present two faces—one facing the reality of being a child of an alcoholic and another presenting a happy face to the world (“Nothing’s wrong.”) This may have served her well in her career as a lawyer as well as a politician. She is having a Saturn return, which creates a new era in life, which certainly a presidential bid would do, but I fear this may simply cause her financial burdens and will cause others to want to “divorce” themselves from her. The planets are not in her favor for her success at this time, and she will bail early. I do think she is supported in her bid by oved ones, but she will not have the staying power, monetarily or otherwise, and she’ll be out. She’ll be on to bigger and better –and different things—once she’s out.

One other person, not from the political arena, is running as a Democrat, in this group of women, and that is self-help guru Marianne Williamson. Marianne has been known for writing books, not only about The Course in Miracles, a supposedly channeled book of Jesus, but also she is the author of Return to Love, and anyone who has been too long in her environs knows she probably needs to do so. She is not known as a cuddly person, despite her book subjects about loving oneself and love/fear. Her reputation is as somewhat of a b****. Another Amy Klobuchar story? Let’s see. Marianne’s life purpose is not only to detach from the group but to do something for the group and with Pluto/Mercury in Leo in her third house of communication, I can see why she talks about love all the time. Leonine lessons are about self-love and lovability, and with her Pluto/Merc combo, this is exaggerated. Also explains why sometimes she acts like a tyrant and not a lovable leader. Anyway, she’s supposed to detach, so that will do it!!! Sometimes our greatest teachers are the hardest on us. Using Marianne’s own teachings on her, I could also say that she sees herself in us, and she is being tested to love us as she loves herself, which means, that’s difficult! Anyway, she is a triple Cancer (very affixed to things, people, ideas) with a Capricorn Moon (severe) in the 8th house (where money comes from) and Gemini Rising—talk talk talk about it all. These are traditional signs, and her pain point is in relationships in Capricorn as well—what she does for others, she has trouble doing for herself. That explains a lot. She is a conundrum—the loving mother and the bitchy boss—she has an element of the Mother-Devourer in her, for sure. Uranus and Venus conjunct her Cancer Sun can make her moody. I know her purpose in running for president is a spiritual one. She is going by the old methods to lead-running for president is as traditional as we can get around here. Let’s face, it, she already has a following, although sometimes she chases people off. That said, she hasn’t a chance in hell of becoming pres, although I said that about Trump, and after all, we ARE in hell, so who knows? 😉 Her chart is running somewhat like Amy’s—she’ll be depressed and monetarily depleted before it’s all over, and then she’ll have a spiritual awakening, realizing that her run was more ego-driven, and she’ll let it go. That’s the one thing about Marianne; she has a context through which she can see this thing, and this will evolve her ego to cleanse her of the need to get to the top. Sometimes the top isn’t the best place to be, and sometimes it’s not the most influential place to be. Sometimes the bottom, the minute, the seemingly insignificant—is THE most significant place to be. I think she will learn that. At any rate, this is going to be a huge emotional lesson for her.
To be honest, despite what I said above, Liz Warren and Tulsi seems to have the best charts for a presidential run—of the females, with Kamala and Kirsten next. AOC is too young, so that leaves Tulsi. We can’t always get what we want. Next, I’ll look at the males and see how they will fare. The most talked about are Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke, but there are other promising folks in the mix. I myself would like to see a woman and a person of color in the top pair, so let’s hope a unique pairing can be arranged.

Madame President?

Nancy Pelosi is a March-born Aries with a Scorpio Moon. We don’t have a birth time for her, so we will be using a solar chart with Sun on the Ascendant. She has Libra North Node and life purpose, which accentuates a destiny’s goal of debate, fairness, and balancing. Libra North Nodes also require partnerships, so the fact that she is well known for negotiating bipartisan deals is apt, and apparently, she is on target with her life purpose. The Sun is one’s target, so she has had to learn to grow from a Scorpio Moon internalized person to a leader and director unafraid to step into the limelight or lion’s den. The Jupiter there also ensures that she will do her best to bring in the new, as Jupiter has an entrepreneurial spirit and, in Aries, is even more so trying to be ahead of the curve and willing to go where no woman has gone before.
Pelosi has a Saturn in earthy and fixed Taurus, so not only is she a bull, focused on resources and creating foundations, but she has the determination of a badger and is not afraid to use her horns to make her point. Ultimately, the Aries/Taurus combination she carries is a good one, as Aries can often be too impulsive or directive with not enough staying power, but a Saturn in Taurus will give her the motivation and diligence to deal with issues at a practical level and for the long haul.
If you look, you will see that actually Nancy is a super-Taurus with Uranus, Venus, and Mars also in Taurus, giving the gifts of creativity, doggedness, proactive ability, business as well as creative acumen, and because Uranus is in Taurus IN THE HEAVENS NOW, Nancy is used to upset and disruption and apparently has the skills to overcome those. She is someone who came from a large family, and sometimes folks in large families are used to chaos and never let that stop them, because that is their norm. So, hello there! Nancy is the youngest of seven children from an Italian-American family and was the only girl. I know what it means to grow up with boys, and that gives her an advantage, because she probably took a lot of ribbing but also played with the boys, and they didn’t necessarily go easy on her. This kind of family situation does NOT make for a weak girl, DT.
Uranus in Taurus in both her birth chart and the heavens now, about to transit her Saturn—we will see that whatever happens around her, she IS in control. I do not doubt the possibility for her to be our next president, although not perhaps in the typical way. The solar chart does have a lot of things going for it—although I admit, there are pain points activated as well. Pelosi has a Leo Pluto trine to her Aries Sun which is both good for helping her in leadership and helping augment an exaggerated leadership of sorts—Leo is the lovable leader, and she is both loved by many and hated by many, the bane of a powerful woman. Her Virgoan Neptune is trine her Uranus/Mars/Venus, and that could be a blessing or curse. She likely sees religion as a practical asset, and she may have faith that she can accomplish tasks if she pays attention to detail, although often Neptune in Virgo presents cluelessness as to how things can be fixed. In Nancy’s case, I think her Taurus stuff outweighs any doubt or confusion she may have regarding details and rebuilding. Also, she has enough leadership and idealism in her to be able to direct the minions to carry out her plans, but make no mistake, she is not afraid of hard work!
Her Scorpio Moon opposes her Taurus Uranus and Venus, which could cause depth of feeling for loved ones and tempestuousness as a vulnerability, for sure. But, look out if she gets mad, right? I think her daughter spoke fairly when she said that her mother could cut off your head and you’d never notice until it was over. However, her Chiron in the solar 4th house in Cancer indicates that she is here to work on family and feelings—that is her soft spot, so again, don’t fool with Mother Nancy. She does have a clan.
Her past life issues speak of a person who was a leader in a past life as well with power issues. She may have had a secret life, and so this could indicate a person of power with mysteries to keep hidden. There is an issue of having, in past lives, felt herself to be privileged and therefore deserving of more than others. She herself in this lifetime has worked hard to provide for her family as well, but, with Astraea on her Sun, the symbol of the scales of justice, fairness and equality, rule this lifetime. This is the lifetime where she works for the rest of us as well as herself. She may have to make up for what she took before.
Her progressed Sun conjoins with Vesta, queen of the hearth (United States?)—at any rate, emphasizing the importance of home and nurturing and caret-taking. (Let’s remember, USA is a Cancer.) In this chart, she has four planets (Venus, Mars, Chiron, Mercury) in Cancer, so the badger/crab energy of holding on is STRONG. I keep wanting to say, “don’t fool with Mother Nature—or Nancy!!! She also has strong elements yet in Taurus—Saturn, Jupiter applying to Saturn, Astraea applying to Jupiter, and still, Uranus in Taurus. This is a formidable person, concerned with bringing justice for all. Her Pluto, formerly at 0 degrees Leo Retrograde, is now at 1 degree Leo Direct, the lovable leader transformed and on the move. There are a lot of come-back energies in Nancy’s charts. Yet the Neptune energy is still strong, as her progressed Moon is conjunct it in Virgo. Clueless about the details as ever? Or faith-driven? Which is it? Perhaps she knows, with her natal Scorpio Moon, how to do stuff at a very detailed practical level, get control of the physical, and can conceal it?
Her progressed South Node is on her natal Jupiter in Aries, indicating she has been here before. Progressed Hygeia is on her birth Astraea, healing what’s unjust. Progressed Neptune is headed towards her natal Mars. Will that activate her or slow her down? Many super-Aries with Taurus that I know are only made more lively by this. They are natural jugglers and are driven by action. I’m not saying it isn’t difficult, but they live with it and DO IT. I am guessing she is one of these, judging by her past.
However, looking at her birth chart, she does have some challenging transits happening, most notably Chiron the wounded healer applying to her Sun, and Mars is activating her Sun right now. She’s at her best now, but that Chiron will sting, come May and June. Mars will pass her Ceres (Momma energy again) and head towards her Neptune problem—at that same time, so there may be some secrets she has to keep. She’s familiar with all that, but it may not make for the transparency she’s been promising…Or, the possibility is danger that she will not foresee. Certainly, Chiron on the Sun can bring headaches, stress, and sleepless nights. I am concerned that others may find it necessary to “take her out,” but most presidents have had dangerous transits—most notably Barack Obama in early years and even Trump this year, but they both live on.
Right now, Mars is on Pelosi’s Sun, so she’s probably mad and in fighting mode, as we prepare to listen to Trump propaganda on the illusory wall. She has Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn at her midheaven, so she’ll stick to the facts and buckle down. She’ll be the one putting pressure on others, make no mistake. By January 25, Saturn will oppose her pain pint, hitting her “family” or maybe the US as family. Mars will hit her Jupiter in Aries. She’ll either really lose her temper, or she’ll pull a rabbit out of her hat. She’ll do something that no one has seen before, and I do believe her ire will drive it. As Uranus heads towards her Saturn, remember that she works best under pressure. “Feels like home.” I’m more concerned about late March, as Mars hits her Uranus then Venus then Mars, and as Mercury is retrograde and conjoined with Neptune. She may not see something coming, and chaos is indeed on the way, which although she’s used to it, she’s not prepared for everything. However, she is a smart cookie, and I do think she is able to negotiate a healing of sorts, challenging as it may be to get there.

In the end, note that she has Jupiter rising to the Midheaven to join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a very important significator, and I think could indicate that she may become president in a transformative way. She would rule with true fiscal responsibility, unlike the Republicans have been doing, and she may be tasked with the same situation that Obama had when he took over from Bush: an enormous deficit and deep do-do. I think we have a constitutional crisis at the point as we begin to see the members of DT’s family indicted. Because it’s possible Pence could go down with the ship, then we have Nancy at the helm. Whether she will want to continue in that role is questionable, as she will have personal health and family issues of her own. But she is a good one to hold down the fort until the election offers a changing of the guard.

Astro-bysmal, anyone?

puperplumberAnyone having plumbing problems? The toilet becomes unblocked. Well, at the end of August, anyway. Look, the reason it’s happening is twofold: karma; we’ve been here before. Do you see the similarities to what’s happening now and what happened before? I know, I know. It seems much worse now, but not much is worse than a holocaust and an atom bomb or two. Really. So, perspective. 2nd reason: We didn’t do anything about it the first time. Well, the greatest generation did, but I mean, all the little roaches just went underground or went to Argentina or shut up until they felt emboldened by our Predator-in-Chief. Did we really do anything about prejudice, bullies, guns, the war machine, spies, sexual abuse? Okay, this is time for a re-do, folks. At least, the young’uns are on board with this. Good for y’all, much-maligned millennials & Gen Z. Come on down!
Okay, let’s talk astrology. From now until mid-October, we have something called a T-square involving Mars, the action planet (aka god of war/business), hanging with South Node (what happened before) in Aquarius (let’s separate people OR let’s come together, your choice) and North Node in look-at-me, loud Leo (“I’m the authority of my life, and I say so!”) They are T-bone-ing Uranus/Eris, the disruptor twins, in earthly normally-stable Taurus. (Well, not now!) If you think of a car getting T-boned, you know that it’s like getting slapped upside the head when you least expected it, and it doesn’t feel good. Only in metal, real hard. Right now, the reason people have been a bit upset for the last few weeks is, first we had a solar eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, with Mommy Cancer Sun giving the eff-you to Cap-Daddy Pluto. (Also view that as: matriarchy vs. patriarchy, nurture vs. punishment) Then this latest aspect over the weekend has included a Sun conjunction to Leo North Node, with a lunar eclipse, the Blood Moon, accentuating the detaching but stubborn Aquarian Mars.
The light is shining (Sun in Leo) on ourselves: what are we gonna do? What are you gonna do? What am I gonna do? “I love myself,” says Leo, “therefore I am going to do what’s good for me.” You can see how selfish people are taking this to one extreme, and more selfless people are saying, “I don’t care the personal cost; I will do what I know in my heart is right.” Leo is, after all, the zodiac sign of the save-the-day Superman/SuperWoman; the shy faulty, secretly retiring person who suddenly says, “I’m not gonna take it anymore!” who jumps out of the window to save the children or dies trying. The Sun shines a light on both our selfish and altruistic sides. The eclipse is accentuating it, because emotions become involved.
Aquarian emotions are in a jar, over there. That means, the Aquarian energy can cause people to face the fear and do what needs to be done, without getting emotionally bogged down. Aquarius is most typically a sign connected to helping the group, the world, but Aquarius can also detach and upset and disrupt, using chaos to get things re-organized. But first comes chaos. Uranus is in this mix and is the ruler of Aquarius and is hangin’ with sis Eris, a fellow hellion, and they are disrupting the earth, the banks, the status quo, the government, institutions. If you are tired of this, better get used to surfin’, because we will be riding this wave until 2025. We get a slight reprieve from November to March 2019 when we revisit Uranus in Aries. (I relate that to Arab Spring, and it is connected to fiery Leo-like, toddler (or mid-life crisis!) stuff—”I want what I want, and I want it now!”) But let’s be truthful, Uranus in Aries was a time of ISIS and Ferguson, MO and disappearing/crashing airplanes. I could do without it; how about you?
Speaking of re-visiting… we have Chiron in Aries, keepin’ that energy of which I just spoke, alive…well, Chiron is the wounded healer. We are limping along after the last years of suffering, and now we need to heal ourselves of what happened since 2010. So, we are going to heal ourselves and take back our power. But, as above, so below, Chiron was in Pisces since after the housing crisis. Chiron and Neptune conspired to blindside us in, what else? Disruptive Aquarius, detaching many from their homes. We started off 2009 & 2010 depressed and then realized we had been victimized. We felt vulnerable and played the victim. This was perfect for all the folks comin’ in to ride roughshod over the downtrodden. (I live in Oklahoma. All I have to say is: Mary Fallin, the most unpopular governor in the US of A, and ‘nough said.) Yeah, we’ve been feeling pretty down and out, and it’s taken a Gemini Sun (con man) with Leo rising (it’s all about me!) with Zeus on the horizon (I’m the greatest) to get our feathers ruffled and make folks not even care if they have been taken advantage of; they are going to stand up and do something, ANYthing. And then there’s the folks who don’t even know yet that they’ve been taken advantage of: the conspiracy theorists, farmers, machine workers and coal miners who voted for 45, people still paying for Iraqi dinars & other imaginary Ponzi scheme $, and grown females. Dream on! Neptune is still in Pisces until 2024, so enjoy the veil!
But back to plumbing…Mars is retrograde until August 28. What that means is, we can expect to stay constipated for another month, but if you eat the right foods, exercise, take a few laxatives and maybe a colonic, you can start the process of clearing out the crap. Expect a big ol’ sh**-slide in September! Should be fun! All the stuff that’s been backed up since March will let ‘er rip. Could be exciting, huh? Meanwhile, don’t get down; do your due diligence and prepare for the slide. People in Cali better beware, though, because it seems mudslides follow fires, and sometimes some of this astro-stuff is remarkably predictive. 😉 Folks who can’t seem to muster the get up and go right now—people who feel delays—the sludge and slogging will come to an end by September.
Currently, we have a Mercury Retrograde in Leo, meaning you can’t expect to hear the truth, the whole truth, or anything but the truth until at least August 18th. Even then, you know we are dealing with liars and con men, right? Look, you have to think not only how DT, Putin, and his ilk do it, but also you! How do you lie? Is it for a good reason? Maybe you need to keep your job for another month? Maybe you can’t tell your partner how much you spent on his birthday present. And more? Are you letting the world know who you truly are, what you really believe? Well, yeah, now is not the time to let that out. Mum’s the word, for now. In mid-August, then you can share. Still, that’s not a license to be unkind, only a go-ahead to be truthful with yourself and become a more conscious (and conscientious) individual.
Because of Mercury “coming out” and moving forward just as it hits a square aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio, the cosmic enema, I can assure you that someone will have diarrhea of the mouth about August 18/19. Scorpio is buried stuff, psychological stuff, and secret stuff as well as sex stuff. I feel a Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky moment coming when Jupiter finally hits Sagittarius in mid-November, along with the Sun. Dirty laundry, anyone? Panties, in particular? If you look at the sky chart, you’ll notice that all the bigger, slow-moving planets have passed our Autumn-time zodiac signs. All those snail-speed large planets were what crawled through the underworld of our subconscious, our secrets, our dark corners and recesses, the bowels of our lives since 2008 or so—ah, the housing crisis. Hmm…Anyway, ask yourself what happened in 2007/2008 that then sent you into an underworld of sorts? Everything is now being released, as Jupiter is the last slow planet to make that pass through Scorpio. We won’t have to deal with that again until about 2029, and by then, we’ll be pretty well reamed out. Scorpio and slow planets: our personal Roto-rooter team!
Meanwhile, in the middle of the stuck Mars (can’t get anything done) & Mercury communication breakdown, we have another partial solar eclipse on August 11th in, what else, LEO. Leo eclipses have been all the rage in recent years, to get us used to realizing that not only do we deserve love and we are lovable but also that we can be loving. Each person is in control of his or her own life—not DT, not our parents, our kids, our partners, or even the government. You are the only true authority in your life, and you are a co-creator (with the rest of us) in it. These Leo/Aquarius eclipses will come home to roost in the third week of January next year as we revisit some of the summer’s issues in preparation for moving into a new era by March. (Oprah for prez, anyone?) We already experienced the beginning of a revolution, but what happened was, we slipped into the Twilight Zone. Well, there will be other time warps to come, so if we slipped in, we can slip out and try something else, and we will. The Anti-Universe has its purpose: you can’t see what needs to be fixed if it’s dark out: you gotta shed light on it. Now we have lights, cameras (in our phones) and action. If you keep shining the light, the dark will eventually have nowhere to hide. Create more light! That’s the answer!
The Leo eclipse will yet be the beginning (new moon), the unearthing of what will come out as Mercury drives forward August 18. Every week, stuff will be happening, as the eclipses and the disruptors set our secrets and our bowels to rumbling. Get the Peptobismol! There’s a reason it’s pink; love is the answer! (Ha ha) Needless to say, with Cheeto-Man having Leo rising, these eclipses are hitting him hard and right in the karmic-gut, which is the solar plexus, by the way, about POWER. (That’s why his waistline is expanding—it’s not just all that KFC!) For those of you have any doubts about what will happen, let’s just say, he won’t escape unscathed. I must also add, that since Hillary is a Super-Scorpio, and she is undergoing the last of the Scorpio pass, she could find herself redeemed. It isn’t over for Hillary. She lost and was questioned mercilessly during major passes through her 12th house; now the DT is experiencing something similar. Unfortunately for Melania, this whole situation—she’s a Taurus (all about beauty & money), and Uranus and other planets are disrupting her life and DT’s partnerships. The scene will be littered with bodies. (That could be a bigger joke than I know!) Again, big bangs in January, Aquarius time. (OMG, unwitting double-entendres!) 😉
Meanwhile, Saturn, the cosmic piano teacher & disciplinarian, happy but backwards in its own sign of sober Daddy-sign Capricorn has been and will continue to trine rebellious Uranus, who has been trying to up-end everything we thought was secure. Screw that! Trines make things easy, but there’s good news and bad news to that. A trine will make it easy for some to control (Saturn) the chaos (Uranus); however, the retrograde motion will lessen its power to control until, oh, Labor Day. Then, the metaphoric nun gets her metaphoric ruler—or, you could say, the proverbial headmaster gets his proverbial paddle— either way, looks like the first week of September should be a WOW.
Mars will keep upsetting things. The Old Guard will keep trying to control the narrative, keep things under wraps, and keep us in the dark, but as Venus goes into Scorpio to join Jupiter, and Mercury hits detail-oriented Virgo, we are likely to hear everything that got dug up. Yep, there’s bound to be some sexy-time talk. Now, in your personal life, that might be a good thing, but all the Scorpios, including Hillary, had better watch out that their bid’ness isn’t on the line for all to see. I mean it. Close those sexy-time accounts, people. If you can keep the magnetic power under control, once you get to October, you may have a very sensual romantic partner come your way—or at least a very karmic one, as Venus goes retrograde from October 6 to November 16. I mean, I think that all this talk of sex in the news is going to get everyone hornified. Some will get horni-FRIED, so be careful, all. When I say wrap it up, I mean it. When I say, close doors and don’t take pictures or record your escapades, I mean it. Why? Well, unless you want everything to COME OUT, as they say. I mean it. This is the age of no privacy, after all. #MeToo is going to get an even bigger boost.
Why can’t I keep it quiet, you ask? Because the nature of Jupiter is to release, make things bigger, and let go. The nature of Mercury in Virgo is to tell all, down to the nth degree, and typically, not politely. Neptune in Pisces will oppose the Sun, meaning folks won’t be seeing clearly, if at all. They may be snowed, in love, misled…or just deceived. Don’t be surprised, and don’t get your feelings hurt. Mars keeps being activated by the past and is in challenging aspect to the unexpected, Uranus. We shall have an exciting fall.
If you want to know what happens in October & November, go visit me on and sign up for a membership. There are twelve different choices. Once you sign up, I will personally answer you to find out your birth info, and this will then allow you to see what will be happening in October & November. You’ll also get bonus reports for signing up, so enjoy! Meanwhile, hang tight! Or as the surfers say, hang ten—there’s 10 weeks until October and the fun begins! Cheers!

Thinking Outside the Box…


Seems like we all have put on our boxing gloves.  Before, we were at the fight and watching, and only a few were in the battle.  Some were fighting themselves.  Some have been fighting imaginary foes—or fantasms that they themselves created.  Some were fighting puppy dogs dressed up to look like dragons.  Some didn’t even look; don’t like the sport of politics.

Now we’re all there, seems like, in the fray.  Seems like we all have chosen our corners, our sides, and we’ve put on the gloves, and we are ready to swing.  Sometimes, our opponent is/was our friend, our parent, even our spouse.  This is a sad state of affairs that we have come to this.  My mother says, “Why can’t we just talk it over and negotiate?” But even she knows it’s not as easy as all that now.  Even she hangs up on me, the only person here for her.  Crazy.

Many folks drew the line in the sand sometime between 11/9 and today, cutting out Facebook friends, refusing to talk to those in the opposition.  There’s a local congressman who wouldn’t have his picture taken with me because I was on the opposite side.  He’s the brother of a good friend of mine.  This man arrived after my dad passed to take his body away.  But he won’t have his picture taken with me, because I am of another color, blue.  Yep, I’m blue, all right.  And the other side is red, all right.  They’re seeing red and showin’ it.  They’re bathing in it, sometimes, I think.  Someone I know ran for a local office in her county, and she used the color purple to signify coming together.  But no one there—or here—is ready yet. “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it,” said Alice Walker in the book, The Color Purple.  Nope, people aren’t ready to see that yet.

One reason I wanted to write this blog is because I believe in metaphysical laws; I believe in karma and reincarnation; I believe in the soul perfecting itself until it goes on to be with God, the universe.  I want to bring metaphysics into politics, because I think if we used some of the basic laws of metaphysics in our lives: like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Reflection, the Laws of Love—that we could all change our perspectives and change the world.  I look around at spiritual people who at least claim to know better—they talk a good talk on Saturdays and Sundays anyhow, and what I see is that they know the laws, but they are having more fun being mean and greedy.  They are having more fun puffing up their egos to claim themselves as patriots.  The joke is so on them, because when the time comes to die, all that petty stuff like money and flags and property won’t mean a thing.  What really means a thing is kindness, helping people have good homes, healthy lives, opportunities for jobs that pay a living wage, so they can lead decent lives, etc.  The life story of humanity is not about, “I got mine!”  In fact, it’s not even about whether someone is working hard enough to deserve something.  That’s between you and your maker when the time comes.  Karma balances all, so don’t worry about who gets what.  Let the immigrants come and try to make a living.  They’re doing all the work white America doesn’t want to do, anyway.

Besides, in God’s eyes, there is no border.  In God’s eyes, no one is better or worse than another.  Mother Earth doesn’t know boundaries.  We, humans, put a boundary there.  We, humans, put a fence there to say, “I belong; you don’t.”  And guess what? In God’s eyes, that’s a fallacy, even a joke. (Not funny)  I once had what they call a near death experience.  In the blink of an eye, my life flashed before my eyes, simultaneous visions of the events of my life.  As I viewed anyone who I had ever wronged, ever called a name, ever made fun of, I felt that other person’s pain, and that pain was excruciating.  I dread going through that again, but I will, when the time comes. We experience that, so we can learn what we have done to others is what we do to ourselves.  You know the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Because you will feel what you’ve done to others, and that feeling won’t be pretty, UNLESS you make sure, every day, that it is so.

You know, I never knew until I took a government class in college as an adult what the REAL differences between Republicans and Democrats were.  I just always thought that the Republicans were always trying to make rules to control my life, and the Dems were “live and let live” people.  You can guess which side I chose.  That story out there that some people hate freedom is a lie.  I never met a person from Russia or China or the Middle East, anywhere dictators have reigned (and I have met plenty) who didn’t love freedom and know that in their home countries, they were being denied it.  That Muslims or Middle Easterners of any kind hate freedom is a lie.  Everybody wants to do what they want to do.  I never met anyone yet who just loved being imprisoned by a parent, job, or mate, or anyone from those countries like Russia and China where they are constantly surveilled and followed around and thought-policed—who didn’t want and love freedom.  Even those of us who have been tricked into subservience by partners or religious leaders eventually seek to flee those bonds.  The oppression is too great.  I weep for the North Koreans, the Russians, and the Chinese, and others living under totalitarian or other fascist regimes.  We aren’t far from it.  Those who experienced or have studied the Holocaust know that the way it happened was by those who just let the tide of hate and so-called patriotism seep into the very fabric of their lives, pretending that that it was normal and right and justified.  But it’s not.  It’s not right; it’s not normal, and it’s not justified.

If Republicans were really concerned about smaller government, they wouldn’t be telling me I don’t have control over my body or who I can or can’t marry or keeping me from buying pot for my arthritis.  Think of all the laws they have been trying to pass to block people from freedoms.  I am not crazy about taxes myself, but if I have to pay them, I want them to help the elderly like my mom and the disabled and the poor, maybe because I may end up that way too.  All those social programs helped our Depression Era parents to survive. All those people against socialism, or democratic socialism, are blatantly ignoring that WE ALREADY HAVE IT.  We already have public schools and programs to provide roads and police and fire departments.  We already have social security and Medicare and Medicaid which have helped our parents.  We have paid for it.  Yeah, so we ARE entitled to it.  And I’m okay with sharing!  Why?  It helps people!  It helped my grandparents, and it’s helped my parents. Ever been in a country that doesn’t charge taxes?  I have.  It looked like a war zone.  It wasn’t, but all over the cities were unfinished government and office buildings and roads, et al, because there was no money to pay for any of it. There were no taxes. (Well, one reason) Not a pretty sight. I am going to say this also: what’s wrong with having a country that is part capitalist and part democratic socialist?  What’s wrong with that? Nothing!  One is supportive of the other, and we already have it, by the way.  That deficit you’re screaming about (at this screen)—how about reducing some of the bullshit—pork these jokers in Congress have added to help themselves?  We could be more frugal, but nobody, Republicans included, wants to be.  That side just proved as much when they upped the deficit this year by trillions of dollars.  When George Will and Bill Kristol start criticizing their own party, well, you know something is really crazy.  I have respected some of those more thought-provoking Republicans, even if I didn’t always agree with them.  When they too are in dismay, we are in bad shape.  You don’t hear them talking about how Michelle Obama is a man and that Jimmy Carter has lizard eyes and forwarding QAnon bullshit.  I didn’t even see them forward Pizzagate stories, although I know a few of my Bernie-loving friends who did.  Lord, help us.

The metaphysical take on the parties:  Republicans are afraid that someone else is going to get their stuff, especially f they think someone is not working as hard as they should be or if that someone is from another country or has a different color skin.  This is fear-based thinking, but Democrats need to recognize that their anger over money has everything to do with their fear that the universe is not an abundant one.  Democrats want to take the money from others and make those others share it, even if they don’t want to.  That comes from a fear that we can’t do it ourselves.  No wonder the Repubs are pissed.  That would be like studying to get straight A’s all semester, and then you get to grade time, and the teacher says, “I’m giving Joe, the class slacker, part of your grade so he can pass, so you’ll only get C’s,” and you know damn well that Joe didn’t do anything but sleep all semester.  Don’t the Republicans have a point?  They do!

If we all know deep within ourselves that the universe is an abundant place, then we don’t have to worry that this one or that one is going to A) take something away from us or B) put the country in debt.  I used to live in fear of poverty—what metaphysicians call “living in poverty-consciousness.  Some will say this comes from other lifetimes of having been poor or taking a vow of poverty, and I really don’t know or care whether I was that way in the past or not.  I know people who grew up in ghettoes and slums who have wonderful memories of those times, because they were rich in spirit.  Most people just don’t know that our attitudes about money shape our reality, and that those attitudes are just as fantastic and chimera-like as our fears that “I’m not gonna get mine” or that “everybody is out to get me.”  No.  Not everybody.  Maybe no one is.

Money is an imagining.  It is something we made up and only has the value it does because we give it that value.  Otherwise, it’s just a piece of paper.  The Euros bought Manhattan for BEADS.  Aliens would look at our dollar bills and maybe even our gold as useless.  Ghosts have no use for it. 😊 This is how I changed my consciousness about money.  My dad brought it to my attention.  We were at a hotel, and he was looking out the window at all the cars, restaurants and people, and he wondered where they all got the money to be out spending like there was no tomorrow.  We have those other fake money things called credit cards. They are pieces of plastic, people.  I could melt mine if I put it on the hood of my car on a hot Oklahoma summer day.   It’s a lump of plastic.  Don’t even get me started on bitcoin. Anyway, my dad had the right idea but was looking at it in the wrong way.  Look at all the houses, the stores, the online stores, the cities, the companies, the cars, everything—the world is rich and abundant beyond imagining.  If it weren’t, we wouldn’t see all this. But the thing that really convinced me was looking outside in my yard and seeing the birds, the squirrels, the insects, the trees.  They never wonder where their next meal will come from.  They just know and have faith that it is there.  We all, Dems & Repubs, need to know and have faith that abundance and prosperity–those things that we fight over all the time—are there for us.  We need have no fear.  I have no fear—about that.  There is no need to feel poor or poverty-stricken when you can create prosperity, and if you change your outlook, you can.  Some folks have giant prosperity consciousness (I guess DT has that), and some have smaller ideas about it (me)(because I don’t need or want much).  But what if you could just drop the fear that someone was going to take something from you—or drop the fear that you can’t do it yourself and that you need help? (I meet women every day who feel like this; they have been conditioned to it.)

I know the kind of responses I will get to some of these statements. Go ‘head.  And anyway, the point I am trying to make is this: that we divide ourselves for absolutely no reason over these issues of money when, if we changed our perspectives, we would never be poor or fearful again, so we would not need to divide ourselves along political lines—or any other lines, because we could no longer use that as a crutch.  We could no longer use it to blame people.  We could no longer use it to foment jealousy, envy, or hate, because we could change our lives immediately by changing our minds.  And since that part is on US, and not on anyone else, then there is no longer anyone to blame but ourselves.  Republicans should like that, if they are true to the original idea of smaller government and self-responsibility.

What I want is for us to realize that we are being stupid and that we don’t need boxing gloves.  We don’t need to fight.  We need to stop pretending one of us is better than the other or more patriotic than the other or more right than another.  Let’s put the gloves away, and start looking for the color purple.

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The only thing we have to fear is…ourselves.


Today, a compassionate person offered a post online about how she didn’t mind immigrants being in our country, how she believed most people from those other countries worked hard, wanted better for their families, contributed to our economy and taxes. This is a person who believes in the reason why many of those folks came here—why, indeed, many of our ancestors came here—to work, to work the land, perhaps for religious freedom. I won’t discuss here about the karmic implications of one people taking another person’s land—or a government doing it, either (although I plan to discuss one day)…what I want to talk about is so-called spiritual people who think something is being taken from them by immigrants and that these so-called spiritual people continue toact mean-spirited and un-Christian while claiming to be the epitome of “spiritual” or “godly.” I think a lot of us are sick of the hypocrisy of the evangelicals who voted for Trump and little people like Jeff Sessions who gleefully and evilly smile as they quote the Bible selectively to justify being un-Christian to others. Most millennials see this, and thank God we are leaving the world to them, because I do believe they will set everything straight. I’m just sorry they’ll have to.
At any rate, another so-called “spiritual person,” after I re-posted the original compassionate post, wrote back to me, “You are sadly misled and misinformed.” I guess she didn’t have the guts to say what she was implying, that she is a cold-hearted human being—and certainly not a spiritual person. Those that know better should do better.
Part of the reason I wanted to start this blog is to start to combine the topics of metaphysics and politics, because I think one needs the other. There are some really great folks out there posting, like John Pavlovitz, Christians who are really seeking to understand this alternate universe in which we have found ourselves. I myself will sometimes use spiritual justification and karma to come to grips with why things seem to be getting worse, why some pretty awful human beings have hijacked the southern climes of North America. What I don’t understand is how we can’t agree that these people are awful. This is cognitive dissonance at its worst.

Our so-called “best friends” are showing their ugly secret sides, and we are dismayed. We all have family members that shame us sometimes with their opinions at family get-togethers, and actually, I admit that I am one of the ones in my family of whom THEY are ashamed. (Hee hee!)
I say to myself, “Okay, we had to have these horrible people get in power for Dems to finally DO something, to say something, to rise up, to get the damn Dems to VOTE. Jesus! Yes, please, Jesus! Is this what it takes? My God, people! I know I’m taking the Lord’s name in vain, but PLEASE!!! You had to let THIS shit happen to get people off their asses??? And the white people too…I mean, yeah, I get it. Many white folks have no idea they are privileged, because they think, “I’m poor. I’ve always worked hard. I couldn’t get a job.” They just don’t get it and won’t get it…or maybe they will, depending on their last name, gender identity, religion…let’s see, what else will we choose to discriminate over? There is nothing like personal injustice or family tragedy to create new activists.
But back to my original topic…there is so much, that it’s hard to stay on track…
I once had a client who complained that her son, in Florida, couldn’t get a job mowing lawns because of those darn Mexicans coming in to undercut him. But the truth is….okay, in our supposedly capitalistic country (which is really capitalist/democratic socialist), if someone has a better or cheaper product, they win. Isn’t that the way capitalism works? The market is the great equalizer? The market lowers the price, supposedly, although in my lifetime, my wages barely went up, and the prices of everything else has gone sky high and has never come down. So, obviously, capitalism doesn’t work, because I worked hard, busted my ass, was always a motivated, industrious worker—not a slacker, and yet my industriousness never did much for me, monetarily. I had to change careers and basically start working for myself to get security and a pay increase. Yup, sometimes, you have to change paths, if doing more doesn’t work. Find another way.
Anyway, this lady’s son would not drop his prices, so I asked her, well, how about add some value to what he offers? Do a little more? Be a little neater than the competition? I know that’s important to folks like my mom who says yard workers don’t make things neat anymore. In other words, what did he do to compete? That’s capitalism too, isn’t it? Isn’t that supposed to work? Offer something better and you’ll get the contract?
No, he didn’t do that. He just started losing jobs, and he gave up and started playing the blame game. Blaming is only YOU MAKING AN EXCUSE FOR WHAT YOU DIDN’T DO. He didn’t want to make an effort. Now, if she had said, he dropped his price, advertised, added an extra benefit to his clients, dressed nicely, cleaned up, was polite, went the extra mile, and then STILL lost out, that’s another story. But she said he just quit and started complaining. And also, he just wanted to blame one nationality. I really can’t stand false argument, one of those being generalization. Not every lawn-mowing business in Florida was run by Mexicans, just as not all Mexicans are rapists, Mr. Trump. God, do I have to say this? Wow.
Anyway, what it gets down to is that some people are looking to blame others for their own lacks. The truth is, do what YOU do. Worry about YOU, not them. Get to work. Add value to your work. Keep trying. Do something different. Do what you have to do.
I have another acquaintance who complained he couldn’t get a job. HE blamed “the blacks.” (Does not compute.) He was going to kill himself, because he had just bought a house and couldn’t find a job. Some folks around him jumped into action and offered him all kinds of jobs and help, because he was a veteran. I suggested other solutions, like sell the house, work for himself, teach. He turned ALL those job offers down, because they weren’t “what he wanted,” “not good enough.” If that isn’t a privileged response, I don’t know what is! Yeah, and he blamed POC. I wanted to say, “I guess you’ve never really been poor, huh? ‘Cause if you had, you’d take one of those jobs.” Please. And he was going to end it all, supposedly, because he couldn’t get a job. Please. Do you think our Depression Era parents who had nothing would do that? Do you think many POC would say no to a job that PAID like that? They couldn’t afford to. These were people with nothing to eat, nothing to provide for their families. I think that’s why people are crossing the border: they have nothing to lose, everything to gain if they can only work and get somewhere safe so they can bring up their families, work, and educate their kids. That’s all people really want. Basic human needs. Maslow’s pyramid. Food, shelter, water, a job, family, love.
So, any so-called spiritual person who is oh-so-ready to blame a whole continent full of people of a different race, nationality or religion for THEIR troubles, fear, and insecurity, well, I think they need to do a little more meditatin’, maybe do a couple more past life regressions to figure out how they burned people in a past life before they judge these folks now, just trying to do better. You have to ask yourself, where is the fear in YOU that you are so afraid and insecure that you have to blame immigrants(or POC) for YOUR problems?
Metaphysics says, what you are afraid of, you have in yourself. Remember that kiddie rhyme, “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you?” Well, it really goes like this: “You’re rubber, and I’m glue, what I say about you is really about me, so it sticks to ME, and not to you.” So, to Miss So-called Spiritual person who thinks I am misled led and misinformed: back at ya! In addition, ask yourself what YOU have done that would make YOU mistrust these hard-working, hopeful people? Because you are only speaking from your personal experience, not theirs. In other words, you are shown YOURSELF in others.
Thus said, the compassionate lady, the one who wrote the original kind post, you’re the one I want to be friends with, because you are kind and compassionate, and that speaks of YOU. That you trust others speaks of YOU.
The other, who feels wronged somehow, well, I am not sure what you’ve done in your life to make you dislike others (who, after all, in metaphysical terms, are YOU meeting yourself). I hope you find your way. I hope one day you can look at others and see kindness, not people stealing from you. What you think of others says everything about who YOU are. Good luck.

On the Karmic Wheel



My heart is broken. I wonder if this is how Jesus felt when, on his last night alive, all his friends went to sleep on him, rather than spend that precious time with him. Or when he said to God from the cross, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” That sounds like some sorrow and disappointment there. I’m not likening myself to Jesus, but I am just saying that certain people out there, who put themselves out to be spiritual compassionate people, are not acting like it. People who I thought knew better…some people who have a stake in this “game” and some who have less of a stake, have more advantage than the others…maybe I can’t expect them to have feelings for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised, but some of these folks BELONG to those groups. What will happen when THEY get taken away? What will happen when the others, waiting on a banking miracle to make them rich, find out they have no electricity, no gas, no water, and no money? I guess the people of Puerto Rico, Houston, and Flint (and other Third World or war-torn places) will be ahead of the game then, having lived without crucial necessities for months and, and in some cases, years.
Okay, now I sound mad, but really, I am just sad, very sad.
I have spent my whole life among people who did not agree with me. I have spent my entire life pondering questions perhaps deeper than a child (or adult) should. Sometimes, I face the fact that Jesus’ words really got to me after all, even though I believe in other religions and spiritual premises as well. I know that, in these times of 45, many people have tired of arguing, have tired of hearing the cruelty, bigotry, misogyny now so acceptable. I know, I know. Those things have never been acceptable, and the country has been on the wrong side of history many times: witness the genocide of the native peoples for the purpose of Caucasian Euro expansionism and the theft, murder, and terrorism of the African peoples—for money. Money is always involved, something that will be useless after we are dead. I could probably state many other horrific sins of a nation, including other internments, abuses, and torture, and true enough, they are too numerous to mention. (and perhaps not taught in most schools) To say that man as a whole is flawed would seem too small a statement to measure against the cruelty of his sins. Humans have been very good at finding new ways to inflict horror and pain on one another, this for centuries, and it continues today, all around the world, not just in our cities and on the border.
The U.S. constitution promises a hope that, if held to, could almost right the wrongs of the evil. That is why people have flocked to this imperfect young nation and overlooked its imperialism and at times co-dependency on kings, dictators and money-changers. I say almost, but no, it can’t right those wrongs. Here is what does: karma.
That’s what I want to talk about. Karma and so-called spiritual people. The word “karma” is being bantied around like a savior by those of us who feel defeated and tired by the inhumanity that seems to have swelled to unmanageable proportions since 45 took office. I remember on the day after he was elected, I realized that all those old stories told of the end days by esoteric scholars and more traditional prophets and pastors perhaps had just come true. The anti-christ was here, and the evangelicals who elected it believed not only that this scumbag was the savior of the world but missed the point entirely of the end times—that they would be swayed by an emperor who had no clothes, the worst of the worst, and they would defend him while he gleefully destroyed all to feed his own (and his “friends’”) golden calves, blinded by the promise of money and the ability to spew their hatred unchecked, for what little person doesn’t value power almost as much as money, the power to make other people smaller than himself.
Karma is not punishment, people. Those who use it as an argument against the immigrants who cross the border illegally and those who use it against people shooting each other in the streets—those who say, I look forward to their karma: they are uninformed. That is not what karma is, a punishment. Those who use karma as a tonic for the pain they feel when they see heartless people smile while quoting the Bible and 45 describe Nazis as “good people,” (I confess to have used it to soothe myself, in my sorrow and weakness)—they have it wrong, too.
Karma is a balancing. We are here on earth to learn compassion—for each other and for ourselves. WE are in each person we speak against. We are in each person to whom we are cruel. If we are unkind to others, we are being unkind to ourselves, and so we go onto the hamster wheel of karma to experience what we have done (or said) to others. No one escapes, for all must learn the lesson, no matter how many lifetimes it takes. This does not mean a person is punished, per se. Each person will have to experience something similar to what they visited on others, until they learn compassion—why that person tried to cross the border, why that person stole from another, why that person beat his wife, why that individual shot someone in rage or in a robbery. Why. Each person will experience what it’s like to be that woman who crossed the border to get a job that would feed her kids or to flee her abusive husband or neighborhood—or to be the individual who stole because he never had anything and never had the hope of having anything because of the color of his skin—or to be the man who beat his wife because his father taught him violence & hate by beating him mercilessly until he was unconscious when he was a child—or to be so angry at a world that seemed stacked against him or her because of race, religion, gender. The circumstances don’t have to be exactly the same, but the lesson is taught by experience. There may be a twist to the tale, but the story will be the same: what ye reap, ye shall sow. Not as a punishment but as a reckoning, to teach complete compassion, so you will know the reasons why people suffer and do bad things. We are here for many different reasons and can learn these same lessons in many different ways. Sometimes the reckoning comes in this lifetime, and sometimes in the next, but it comes, and you repeat as many times as necessary until you forgive the other, who, really, after all, is just yourself.
And can you escape the reckoning? No, and yes. No, you will learn compassion and balance the scale, no matter what, but yes, you can make adjustments. By making an effort, you can speed up your adjustment and lesson of compassion. You can ask for the karma to be balanced, but if you do, look out! Usually, that’s not the best experience, unless you like buildings falling on top of you! Better to make the adjustment this way: be kind, give, be of service, don’t worry about money, do the kind and compassionate thing, serve. That will hurry up your process, because after all, that’s what gets you to heaven and beyond: love and kindness. We are here to learn compassion, so practice it.
I confess that my greatest sorrow is to hear good people say, “they deserved it” or “it’s their karma” or whatever. Callousness is not the answer, people. Detachment is not completely the answer, either. Being cold or callous or detached may reap a situation in which you yourself find oneself in need of the compassion you failed to show. The detachment that made you unable to connect with other human beings in pain may create a situation where you require the connection with others that you have avoided. And when it happens that you, cold unfeeling person, suddenly find you need someone and find that others have turned a cold shoulder to you in your hour of need for whatever reason, hopefully, there will be ONE person out there who has the grace and compassion to offer you the help that others (and you yourself) denied. You see, kindness and compassion are the answers. They are ALWAYS the answers. You can never go wrong with GIVING to the less fortunate. This is NOT “enabling.” YOUR ATTITUDE is everything. It’s not your business what the other does in response to your kindness. It’s only your business to BE KIND AND COMPASSIONATE. Service and creation are the ways you get back to God, not cold-heartedness and destruction. That’s psycho-time. Who are you? I ask you to ask yourself, Who am I?
If it turns out you are cold-hearted and detached, then the rest of us have to learn some compassion for you, so sad that you cannot exemplify the GOOD side of humanity. As Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” That is the saddest statement I ever heard, Jesus’ disappointment in the sons of man.
So I try to remind myself that my disappointment in my cold, cruel, heartless “friends,” really reflects my disappointment in myself for not being compassionate enough of THEM, and therefore myself. Humans are like little children. Some very special people are more evolved than others. You can see them on earth right now: Jimmy Carter, the Pope, Barack & Michelle Obama, Bill Gates & his wife, the Stoneman Douglas children. There are many more examples all around you. I know who you are, o holy ones. I have hope. When I hear all the people standing up against oppression, suppression, repression, in the multitudes, when I see the world cry at the fall of the United States, I have hope, because I know the world truly IS a kinder place, despite the cruelty and the people who want to bring back the dark ages. Their breed is dying. They know it, and the children know it, and so they battle to keep atop the mountain, but the young ones are smarter than they are—and more compassionate. America probably does not deserve these incredible children that will rule this nation one day, but I am so grateful they are here, and if I don’t see them change the world in my lifetime, I can see it in another time and from another mountaintop. I can’t wait. No more tears.